Ray Strand医生的医学时间第3周

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Ray Strand医生的医学时间第3周

Antioxidants to the Rescue



虽然这是真的,但这并不是要对我们的膳食进行补充的主要原因。The main reason is the tremendous number of free radicals we produce. Our stressful lifestyles, polluted environment, and over-medicated society cause this generation to handle more free radicals than any previous generation. Remember, it is about balance. You need Powerful Antioxidants available to manage the number of free radicals you produce.



The medical literature now shows us that the optimal level of the antioxidants and the supporting nutrients needed to prevent or decrease the risk of chronic degenerative diseases is much greater than the amount we can obtain from our depleted food supply.

Our best option to prevent or slow down this process of oxidative stress is to take high-quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements the rest of our lives.

Consider a wood fireplace. It usually burns just fine, but occasionally a spark or hot cinder shoots out and burns a little hole in your carpet. Over the months and years, you will have a damaged carpet in front of your fireplace.

Liken the fireplace to the furnace of your cell and the hot cinders to free radicals. Your carpet is your body. Whatever part of your body wears out first is the type of disease you will develop. If it is your brain, you could develop Alzheimer’s dementia or Parkinson’s disease. If it is your eyes, you could develop a cataract or macular degeneration. If it is your arteries, you could develop a heart attack or stroke.

You are not defenseless against this process.

Antioxidants are like the fine wire mesh or glass doors you place in front of your fireplace. The sparks are still going to fly, but your carpet—your body—is protected. This is the key. To protect your body, you want enough antioxidants on board to handle the number of free radicals you produce.   The best way to achieve this goal is to take Foods Rich in Antioxidants, complete and balanced nutritional supplements.

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